Bomb Syria



Good news: we can expect the Chilcott report into the Iraq War to be published in a few months – all two million words of it. We’ll find out why it was such a big mistake to believe the lies of the establishment in their efforts to convince us that it was a good idea to bomb Bagdad. Maybe it will be published in time for Chicott to start on a new report which will suggest that it wasn’t such a good idea to carpet-bomb Syria after all.
Of course we all agree that Isis are barbaric medieval scum who would behead their own offspring if they didn’t bow down to their stone-age ideology. What are we waiting for? Let’s just bomb the bastards. Our great leader: the fearless Cameron; must be apopleptic to see that fucking great French poof, Hollande, stealing all the glory. Yes, let’s bomb them: they must be easy enough to find – surely they are all in a big field in the Syrian countryside, with a huge cross – marked bomb here.

The innocents they have enslaved won’t mind: I suppose it will take their minds off the rape and torture they have endured – and don’t forget there will be a benefit of job opportunities here – we can send thousands of unemployed bricklayers to build a great wall to hold back the tidal wave of refugees fleeing the conflict.
How did it ever come to this? What can have radicalised all of those fucking Muslims? Surely it wasn’t the sight of their brothers in Iraq, all dressed up in orange boiler suits, blindfolded and chained. It couldn’t be the torture at Abu Ghraib with the water-boarding, or the rendition flights, could it? Was it all of those years of being locked up at Guantanamo Bay without evidence, charges or a trial? Maybe it was news of Afghan wedding parties being wiped out by drone strikes. Is it the plight of the Palestinians in the open prison of Gaza?
Let’s just bomb them anyway – in spite of the fact the bombers return from raids with 75% of their bombs still on board; due to the fact that they can’t find enough targets to actually bomb. So what? I hear you say, let’s nuke them all. Never mind if global economy collapses as a result. Don’t forget the Paris attackers were from Europe, not Syria. Their murderous Wahhabi sect encourages them to spring-up from individual independent cells.
Fundamentalist ideaology must be defeated, but we must have a real plan to deal with it.



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