Bombs away

So Cameron has got his way. He will soon show that bastard Blair that he isn’t the only one who can help fuck up the Middle East. Our jets are on the way – bombing for peace – God bless them. With a bit of luck they should be able to find some targets to hit. Where are the common enemy anyway? Everyone who actually understands the situation, knows that the only force on the ground capable of defeating Isis (aka: the bastard child of the Iraq war) is the Syrian Army. But we can’t side with them: why? Well Assad is an evil monster who bombs his own people isn’t he? And doesn’t he know that bombing them is our job? The only other force capable of damaging Isis are the Kurds. Problem is, Turkey, our Nato partner and ally, is at war with them and enthusiastically bombing them: so we mustn’t over supply the Kurds with effective arms.

What about our good friends from Saudi Arabia? Surely they can help – after all aren’t their royal family regulars at Buckingham Palace tea parties? And we do sell them rather a lot of arms. They also make Isis look like beginners when it comes to beheadings. They do of course share and export the same fundamental Wahhabi interpretation of Islam with Isis. What about the mythical moderate Sunni groups that Cameron has pulled out of a hat? Do they even exist. The skies over Syria are going to be very busy with the jets from the nuclear powers of America-Russia-France-Britain. Well, what can possibly go wrong?


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