Imagine no religion, famously wrote John Lennon

Imagine no 9/11.
No protestant-catholic mayhem in the troubles of Northern Ireland.
No Israel- Palestine conflict.
No European wars of religion.
No intellectuals (heretics) being burnt at the stake by the church.
No trial of  Galileo for championing Copernicus.
No burning at the stake for Giordano Bruno  for championing Copernicus.
No bloodthirsty crusaders carrying out their contract with various mad popes.
No Mohammad spreading Islam by the sword and the fear of death.
No poor mixed up Jesus imagining that the genocidal psychopath from the early bible was his father.
No War on Terror.




4 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. kaptonok

    I hope you are not suggesting a world without religion would be a bed of roses.
    ‘Human evil is a natural phenomenon , some level of predatory violence is innate in us.’
    Sam Harris famous atheist.


    1. manfromanotherplanet Post author

      As you say, violence seems to be in our DNA. We will always be fighting over earth’s diminishing natural resources. But the bible which some believe to show a god of love, in fact contains all of the justification for the self-righteous tribal holy-war we have seen down the centuries.


      1. kaptonok

        The tribe needed to know it was special and more important than other humans, it was the birthplace of religion. Then the fight for supremacy began and has continued ever since.
        Steven Pinker believes he demonstrated we are living in the most peaceful time in history. In his massive volume ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature ‘ he examins history to prove his point.
        He does not believe it is due to a change in us but the fact that war is no longer so profitable.


      2. manfromanotherplanet Post author

        Well yes, that’s just about sums up religion. Each blind faith has little tolerance for the others.
        The Genesis creation myth is hardly any different to other myths such as the Gilgamesh Epic or Enuma Elish creation story


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