Mother Teresa


220px-MotherTeresa_094Angel of death

So the Vatican is to canonise the blessed Teresa – the nun who believed that suffering from poverty and starvation, and from medical conditions, was a gift from God. In spite of receiving millions of dollars in donations – often from extremely dubious sources, she spent little on medical care, diagnosis or nutrition. She went to court to plead for leniency for Charles Keating; who was charged by the State of California for fraud, racketeering and conspiracy. Her plea fell on deaf ears, for the judge gave him the maximum ten year prison sentence. Later when asked instead of pleading for him, she should be paying back his donation of over one million dollars; she simply remained silent on the matter. The infamous Duvalier family who terrorised  Haiti were also benefactors. She flew to Haiti in 1981 to receive the Legion d’Honneur in honour of her defence of them.
Rather than attempting to cure the poor who passed through her hands, she provided them with the most basic of facilities where they could as she put it; die beautifully . Indeed her often used quote was: There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s passion.
The late Christopher Hitchens described the orphans and lepers who passed through her hands as “raw material for the demonstration of compassion who were unable to complain of their fate, and she is no friend of the poor, only poverty.” Criticism of Mother Teresa
The church, desperate for new saints has recognised her miracles: first she allegedly cured a tribal woman from Bengal who had  an abdominal tumour: despite the surgeon who treated her insisted that it was only a cyst, and her husband saying that medical treatment had cured his wife. Then supposedly cured a man from Brazil with multiple brain tumours. No doubt the day isn’t far off when a great ceremony in Rome will complete her sainthood.


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