Biblical Prophecy


Just been browsing through my bible and I’ve been taking a look at some prophecies. And they really aren’t exactly earth-shattering. They mainly concern tribal genocide and end times or the first or second coming of the Messiah. Then there’s the one in Matthew 28 about Jesus arriving on an ass: but only in order to fulfil an older prophecy – but that’s cheating because he knew all about it and made it happen deliberately.
Why aren’t there any real prophecies, such as: man will one day have a space station in orbit around the earth? Or about leaving the planet behind altogether and landing on the moon? That must have been his plan for us: to understand science and push the boundaries a bit. He must want some intellectual company in heaven to converse with, to discuss nuclear physics and exploding stars and distant nebulae. He won’t want to be bored to death by grovelling followers raving on about oxen for eternity will he?
But just where was he when the Eagle landed and Neil Armstrong stepped down? God should have been there to congratulate him on behalf of mankind; he should have been waiting with the champagne and cigars. I suppose he must have been off sulking somewhere along with his son and the holy spirit.



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