Bad Google

I feel that Mr. Google has let me down. It seems he isn’t as clever as I thought. I asked him what I thought was a straightforward question: Which group of men sat down together and edited the first ever definitive bible – and when? Who decided what made sense and was in, and what was out?
But I found out that the church doesn’t like to answer this question. They try to lead us astray with proclamations of how wonderful it is that the bible was inspired by over forty authors  in different continents over different centuries. They would just prefer us to accept that the bible was divinely inspired, they don’t want to us to see man’s hand interfering in the process.
We are supposed to believe that 4000 years of superstition and folk-tales simply metamorphosed to become the bible.
However, the consensus by scholars is that the bible was put together during the Hebrews exile in Babylon. This was after Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC.
This was around 1000 years after the death of Moses: the man whom the church would have us believe wrote Genesis.
Now why couldn’t Mr. Google have just have told me that in the first place – I may have to turn atheist again.


3 thoughts on “Bad Google

  1. Pastor Chris Linzey

    That’s really an over-simplification of the ideas behind it. Additionally, you’re only mentioning the Old Testament. The Bible also consists of the New Testament. And there are people in the church who are willing to talk about the difficult issue of authorship and textual transmission. You just gotta find them 😉


  2. KIA

    Marcion is usually credited with the collection of the first nt Canon. He also had excluded books we have and included books later excluded



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