Google for God

What if God hadn’t already been dreamt up by the uneducated tribesmen of a few thousand years ago? Where would we look to today to find a contender for the job?
We would need someone who could see what we are all getting up to, someone who could read all of our minds simultaneously.
So what about Mr. Google?
After all, he seems to have the answers to everything. Any question, long or short, he’ll have the answer ready for you at the speed of light. Try him out.
How long does it take to count up to a billion in a game of hide and seek?
Mr. Google says it will take around thirty one years before you can shout: ready or not; here I come.
Ask him for directions and he’ll show you the way, if you need shelter he will tell you where you can find it. He knows everything. He knows our habits. He knows what we like – even when we don’t know ourselves.
He knows our profile, he knows what we will do next, where we will go on holiday and what we will buy. He knows our every move, we can’t get away from him. We know that he will never stop watching over us – ever. He get’s my vote.
I wonder if he forgives sin.


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