Israeli archaeology

Amazing news from Israel: archaeologists have unearthed a seven thousand year old settlement in northern Jerusalem. Israel’s Antiquities Authority describe it as the oldest discovery of it’s kind in the area. The excavation exposed two houses with well preserved remains of pottery and flint tools. The Authority date them to the Chalcolithic period around 5000 BC.
Well wow, bloody wow! Who were these people? They certainly weren’t from God’s chosen Hebrew tribe. Take a peek at any of the bible’s timeline web-sites and we discover that this was three and a half thousand years before Moses wandered in the desert in search of the promised land. These people lived two and a half thousand years before Noah set sail on his Ark with his family and menagerie. They lived long before Abraham made a covenant with the voice inside his head to circumcise his tribe. The people who lived in this settlement would have had foreskins damn-it!
They lived before Cain killed his younger brother Abel in a fit of jealousy because God accepted his brother’s gift and rejected his: the bible’s first murder among many.
They lived before Satan, in the form of a walking talking snake, tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden with forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.
They would already have been around for over one thousand years in 4000 BC, when God made Adam from dust on the sixth day.
So here we have evidence from archaeologists among God’s own chosen people, proving that the biblical account of creation is utter nonsense.


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