Killing for God

Allah told me to do it: The words of Gulchekhra Bobokulova the Russian nanny who beheaded the four year old child in her care. She walked the streets carrying it for over an hour. Officials state the obvious in saying she is mentally unstable.

Deanna Laney woke up one night in May 2003 and took her son Joshua out into the yard and smashed his head in with a large rock. She did the same to other son Luke. Laney is a member of an Assembly of God church. She claimed God told her to do it. She was found to be psychotically delusional and was found not guilty of murder due to reason of insanity. She was committed to State Hospital for eight years and then released in 2012 under medical supervision.

In 2012 Joseph Hangeman cut off his son’s head because God told him to in order to save him from the anti-Christ. He was diagnosed as Schizophrenic and found not guilty due to insanity. He remains in custody under review.

In 2080 BC: A man called Abraham was witnessed taking his son Isaac and placing him on an alter of sticks to be sacrificed. He was about to stab him and burn him when a voice inside his head told him to wait. He saw a ram nearby and killed it instead. He claimed God had told him to kill his son. He also claimed a voice in his head told him to mutilate his own foreskin in a covenant with God.
However since he lived in fantastic times no charges were brought against him: Schizophrenia wasn’t a diagnosis in those days.
His cult grew to worship him.
Five hundred years later Moses had God’s permission to murder 100,000 innocent women and children: his cult worshipped him. There still was no diagnosis of Schizophrenia in his day.


One thought on “Killing for God

  1. KIA

    Quite right. Abe was no different than these nut jobs today only in that he didn’t actually exist. It may be fiction, but we patterned our lives after this hero of the faith. I see things way different now



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