Who does God support?

Remember the good old days, was it ten years ago, or was it longer? Remember a time when footballers scored a goal it was followed by a joyous, raucous – sometimes even childish frenzy of celebration?
But nowadays something insidious has crept into the game. When a goal is scored now many players sink to their knees and raise their arms and eyes to the heavens – in thanks to their number one supporter – their God, no less. Don’t even think of congratulating me yet, their body language seems to scream out, can’t you see I’m having a private moment with my creator – don’t you see him jumping up and down up there, hugging the Holy Ghost in ecstasy?
You recognise the type just before kick off: they will be standing there with their eyes closed, praying to God or Allah; hoping he’s got a ticket for today’s match. You will see them genuflecting or receiving blessing just before rushing on as substitute; we can’t lose now – I’ve brought God on with me.
Whatever next; will there be prayers at half time, or at the start of extra time: before the penalty shoot out maybe?
And what about the fans? Can we soon expect a moments silence in order to thank the Lord, before they roar: Goal!!! Will the rival fans be bawling out hymns at one another.
Maybe our holy sporting superstars should realise that as they jump into their Porsches and Mercedes to drive home, that it isn’t God they should be thanking: but Rupert Murdoch and his Sky Television money for their success and their excess.


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