Saudi State Visit

He’s  been and gone. How can we all have missed it? It’s almost as if news of it has been censored.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has just finished his State Visit to the UK, and what a wonderful time he has had: lunch with our good Queen at Windsor; no doubt the best chocolate biscuits were on offer. Then it’s off to Clarence House for dinner in the evening with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge. I wonder what they talked about?
According to the Financial Times (March 5) there was 100 billion pounds worth of business up for grabs; and after Brexit we can’t be too fussy about who trade with.
Next up, it’s off to Chequers for dinner with Teresa, where our leader insists, “it’s about strengthening our relations around the world and standing up for our values.”
She will be hoping to persuade him to launch his state oil company Aramco on the London Stock Exchange. Naturally while he is here he will be buying himself some real “big boys toys,” billions of dollars worth of bombs and BEA systems Typhoon jets with which to wage his war in Yemen: missiles fired by the Saudis – but made in Britain – “sharing our values” as Teresa puts it. The war in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, has been raging for three years now. The World Health Organisation calls it the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Cholera has infected more than half a million people and a blockade of the main ports has been described by the UN as an attempt to starve the Houthis into submission. It seems we are on the side of the oil-rich Saudis in this conflict.
This war seems another victim of censorship: news from Syria fills our television screens, informing us how evil Assad is, but this catastrophe goes unreported.
Our PM explains that the Saudis are vital allies in the “global war on terror.” This ignores the fact Wahhabism is the official Saudi state sponsored form of Sunni Islam.
Muhammad ib Abd Al – Wahhab was an 18th century preacher of intolerance. His barbaric stone-age ideology is the driving force behind today’s Islamist terrorism, all of todays suicide bombers could quote the dogma of this man: According to them, all Muslims who don’t follow their doctrine are infidels and deserve to die.
I suppose the opportunity to discuss that subject wasn’t brought up as they all signed their new business contracts.


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