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Saudi beheadings

Nice to see that our good friends in Saudi Arabia have done their bit for relieving tension in the Middle East by beheading Shia human rights protesters. Maybe the next time the Saudi monarchy pop into Buckingham Palace for tea with the Queen she can show them our displeasure by withdrawing the biscuits – that’s a bit harsh – maybe only the chocolate ones.


Donald Trump

Has Donald Trump thought it through? If he builds a great big wall along the Mexican border – how are the Americans going to get their drug fix? Doesn’t he know that the filthy rich of Wall Street can’t throw a party without a trough full of coke to get them in the mood – along with a bus-load of hookers? No self respecting host, from Manhattan to the Hollywood hills, would dream of organising a bash without a bag or two of the white stuff to go with the champagne. Perhaps he’ll get the CIA to take over the drug running operation – make sure the right folks get their share.

Isn’t it ironic that he thinks he can keep Americans safe by banning Muslims, “until we can figure what’s going on.” Well what’s going on Donald is that there have been over one thousand mass shootings in the last one thousand days – by people who believe that it is their constitutional right to bear arms. Does he think that the schools and bowling alleys and the cinemas are being stalked by Muslims with Kalashnikovs that they’ve just bought from the arms department of the local deli along with their falafels?

On the plus side – anyone who can make George W Bush seem like Einstein can’t be all bad – even if it means turning America into a state like 1930’s Nazi Germany.

Bomb Syria



Good news: we can expect the Chilcott report into the Iraq War to be published in a few months – all two million words of it. We’ll find out why it was such a big mistake to believe the lies of the establishment in their efforts to convince us that it was a good idea to bomb Bagdad. Maybe it will be published in time for Chicott to start on a new report which will suggest that it wasn’t such a good idea to carpet-bomb Syria after all.
Of course we all agree that Isis are barbaric medieval scum who would behead their own offspring if they didn’t bow down to their stone-age ideology. What are we waiting for? Let’s just bomb the bastards. Our great leader: the fearless Cameron; must be apopleptic to see that fucking great French poof, Hollande, stealing all the glory. Yes, let’s bomb them: they must be easy enough to find – surely they are all in a big field in the Syrian countryside, with a huge cross – marked bomb here.
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